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Invisalign - Week 12

I saw my father, who lives in a different city, this week. I last saw him somewhere around week 2 or 3. He mentioned my teeth first thing upon seeing me. Wow, he said, it really changes the way you look.  I'm pretty sure it was a positive assessment. I just can't believe how my teeth have changed in so little time.

Invisalign - Week 11

I have no trouble getting my bottom Invisalign off anymore which is a big deal. My bottom teeth have moved dramatically, from tilting in and downwards to coming out and forward. Now I can pop my invisalign out easily which is awesome.  

Invisalign - Week 10

I think I'm somewhat unusual, but I had straight teeth for most of my life.  It wasn't until a few years ago (and I'm 34 now) that I noticed my teeth were crooked at all.  Subsequently I never got used to having crooked teeth, and I've felt that I looked different to myself for the last couple years.  

Invisalign - Week 9

I saw Dr. Wending this week and got the next few rounds of invisaligns.  The Dr. Filed a few of my teeth just a tiny bit, I guess to make it easier for the invisalign to fit and move my teeth.  I don't know how it all works but I definitely trust the process.  It's fun to see the changes taking place.  I notice I'm smiling a lot more these days.

Invisalign - Week 8

I'm finding that I'm clenching my teeth less as time goes on. Frankly I didn't even know that I had been clenching at all because I only do it at night when I'm in bed, but I must have been doing it for awhile because Dr. Wendling can see the symptoms.  

Invisalign - Week 7

Week 7 - Already starting my fourth set of Invisalign molds. The time has flown by. I can definitely see the difference in my teeth now which is super exciting. My front teeth which were pushed in, created a darkness at the front of my smile, but my front teeth are almost straight now which makes everything seem lighter. It's sort of funny to chew these days, as my bite isn't fully lining up in the back, but I know that is temporary.  

Invisalign - Week 6

Week 6 - Ever since i got Invisalign, people have been telling me their horror stories about having braces. I feel soooo lucky to be able to go this route. It has actually been fun because I get to see my teeth moving and yet I have almost no pain or challenges.  =Old style braces, I've come to find out, are straight-up torture. No wonder people fear their orthodontists! But not me, I can't wait to see Dr. Wendling again. 

Invisalign - Week 4

Week4 - Oops! I split my bottom invisalign again trying to get it out. I know it's got to be my anatomy, since there is a very steep drop from the four teeth in front to the molars in back, and since my front bottom teeth are pushed back, they sort of lock the Invisalign in place. It's easier already to get them out, but I guess I must be putting pressure on them somehow in the process.  Anyways, I'm changing to my third trays tomorrow, so I'm not going to worry about it.

Invisalign - Week 3

Week 3 - Changed to the next round of Invisalign molds with little difficulty. On the first day,  I took ibuprofen again to ward off a headache, since I'm prone to that. It's so cool to see my teeth changing already. From where I was, my teeth look like they are already straight, but I know I have a way to go.

Invisalign - Week 2

Week 2 - Well, it has continued to be a challenge to get the bottom invisalign off, and today I actually ripped them in the process. Because I'm so close to changing to the new set, I've been told its ok to use the ripped pair for one more day, and it shouldn't effect my outcome. Other than that, having invisalign has been relatively pain-free and easy. I've even appreciated having something to remind me of my teeth.


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