Dental Bonding Questions

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Dental Bonding Questions

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What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is a tooth-colored, malleable substance that can be used to fill cavities or gaps, to repair small chips, to cover spots and stains, and to correct mild misalignment or crookedness. It is also the term used for the procedure which does these things.

Is dental bonding right for me?

If you have tooth damage or isolated cosmetic problems with your teeth, dental bonding is an option that you may want to consider for repair.

However, while dental bonding is versatile, it is not the ideal solution in all cases. Although it is natural looking and relatively durable, doesn't provide the long-lasting beauty of dental porcelain crowns, veneers, or inlays and onlays.

What other options are available?

Depending on the type and extent of your dental problems, alternatives to dental bonding might include:

How long does the procedure take?

It will vary, depending on the type and extent of work you're having done, but in general most dental bonding procedures can be completed in a single office visit.

How long does dental bonding last?

Properly cared for, your dental bonding can last several years.

Other questions?
If your question isn't answered here, please call or email our Cosmetic Dentistry serving Portland today to schedule your personal dental bonding consultation with West Linn Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Wendling.

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