Cosmetic Dentistry: Fixed Dental Bridges

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Fixed dental bridges are an option to permanently replace the visible, above-gum portion of the tooth with lifelike crowns.

Unlike dental implants, fixed bridges do not replace the root portion of the tooth. They do, however, provide a functional and natural looking replacement for the visible portion of the tooth, restoring both the appearance and the function of the missing tooth.

Benefits of fixed dental bridges

While not as complete a tooth replacement option as dental implants, fixed bridges offer a number of benefits, including:

  • They are not removable.
  • They are quicker and initially less expensive than dental implants.
  • They prevent teeth from shifting and becoming loose, as often occurs when you lose a tooth.
  • By keeping teeth in their correct positions, they can prevent jaw joint problems  that might otherwise occur as a result of missing teeth.
  • Dental bridges look and feel like natural teeth.

The fixed bridge procedure

During your first visit we will gently modify your adjacent teeth. We will then take molds or scan with our 3D imaging system, assess your bite, as well as noting the appropriate tooth color, so that your final bridge will match the rest of your smile.

We will then send this data to our specially selected master ceramist to have your custom bridge fabricated.

On your second visit, the bridge will be assessed for fit, appearance, color, and bite. If it meets Dr. Wendling's and your expectations, it will be permanently cemented.

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