Gum Recontouring Questions

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What is gum recontouring?

When done by a qualified cosmetic dentist, it is the use of a laser to remove excess gum tissue. More of your teeth will then be visible, creating a better-proportioned smile.

Is the procedure painful

You may feel some discomfort, but Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Sue Wendling will use a local anesthetic if you wish. We do offer sedation dentistry if you feel anxious, as well as the anesthetic. It is a quick procedure and we can ensure that any discomfort is minimized.

Our soft tissue dental laser vaporizes excess gum tissue and seals the wound at the same time, so your gums heal more quickly, with no infection and with less pain.

Am I a suitable candidate for gum recontouring?

If you have an excessively 'gummy' smile that detracts from your appearance and makes you self-conscious, gum recontouring may be an excellent option for you.

How long does the procedure take?

It is completed in a single office visit.

Other questions?
Please call or email our Cosmetic Dentistry Serving Portland, Oregon today at our Lake Oswego, Oregon Cosmetic Dentistry Office to schedule your personal gum therapy consultation with Dr. Wendling. We look forward to meeting with you.

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