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Dentistry is about more than just the health of your teeth themselves. The underlying structure of your jaw—the soft tissues, muscle, and joints that control the movement of your mouth—is an important element to your overall oral health.

Neuromuscular dentistry diagnoses and treats jaw joint misalignment. The jaw joint is known as the temporomandibular joint or TMJ, and it connects the lower jaw to the skull. It is a delicate joint, and unusual too, in that it can move in three directions: up and down, forwards and back, and sideways.


The premiere center for neuromuscular dentistry, the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dentistry (LVI) focuses on research, postgraduate education, and certification in neuromuscular dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.

Portland Neuromuscular Dentist Dr. Wendling is an LVI graduate, and a certified LVI instructor with extensive experience using the latest in neuromuscular dentistry procedures and technologies to ensure optimum oral health for each of her patients.

The temporomandibular joint

Misalignment of the jaw joint can occur from many causes. An impact to the side of the head can knock the joint out of position. Genetic and developmental factors can cause it. Tooth grinding can gradually push the jaw out of alignment. Misaligned teeth can also gradually cause it because the jaw muscles are trying to bring the upper and lower teeth together smoothly every time you close your mouth. This creates chronic stress in the jaw area, and a long list of painful TMJ symptoms.

Because of this, it is essential that your dentist have experience diagnosing and treating neuromuscular problems.

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"I also experienced headaches almost every day because my bite was off. Now my headaches are completely gone! That in itself is a miracle."
- Sheryl

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