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Periodontics, or gum care, is an important part of your dental health care. Your gums are the foundation of your smile, and when they become damaged or diseased, your overall dental health can suffer severely.

Gum disease is a very common condition, which can lead to tooth damage and even loss if left untreated. Caused by bacteria that become lodged beneath the gum line, gum disease can spread rapidly if left unchecked. Research has shown a direct link between gum disease and heart disease. A healthy mouth can actually be a matter of life and death.

This is why we offer a full periodontic exam with every regular dental examination. This allows us to diagnose and treat gum disease while it is in its most treatable early stage (gingivitis).

Treatments for gum disease

Depending on the stage of your gum disease, we offer a range of treatments that can halt and even reverse the damage caused.

Scale and root plane

If caught in its early stage, most cases of gum disease can be treated using a simple procedure called scaling and root planing.

This procedure is similar to a regular dental cleaning, except that the cleaning area extends beneath the gums. During a scale and root plane procedure, we will scrape away tartar beneath the gum line, then smooth, or plane, the surface of the tooth root to help prevent future accumulation of the bacteria that cause gum disease.


When initial periodontal therapy doesn’t yield the desired result, we are one of the few offices in the country utilizing Perioscopy. This is the use of a dental endoscope which allows us to view what might remain in the pocket which is preventing healing.

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