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Portland TMJ Treatment & PurePower MouthguardThe Pure Power Mouthguard (PPM) is a customized device designed to keep your jaw in its correct position. Although it may seem surprising, wearing a PPM can greatly improve your athletic performance in several ways.

How Does the PPM Work?

Your PPM is unique to you. It is designed to correct the individual ways in which your lower jaw is out of alignment. When we live for years with misaligned jaw joints we store muscular tension in the jaw area. The jaw muscles continually try to meet the lower and upper teeth correctly and continually fail, which causes chronic stress, discomfort and many other painful symptoms. The PPM we can design for you will hold your lower jaw in its correct position.

Improve Muscle Recruitment and Posture

Portland TMJ Treatment, PPM LogoBy relieving the jaw muscles from their chronic tension and correcting your bite, your PPM will free up the energy that was previously wasted in jaw muscle tension. When you wear your PPM, you will have access to your body's physical potential. Deeper muscle recruitment will be possible for explosive strength, and because your muscles will be correctly aligned, your balance will improve. This will give you more agility and endurance.

Take Your Game to a New Level

With improved balance, increased endurance, explosive speed and greater overall body strength, you will be able to bring your play to a new level of achievement, regardless of which particular sport you compete in.

Golf - Better focus and balance will allow you to hit the ball more squarely and more consistently. You will have enhanced body strength for long shots and greater finesse for later holes. Your short game will have laser accuracy and your scores will consistently go down.

Hockey - Your PPM will give you better balance on your skates and faster speed. You will be capable of harder and more accurate shots. Imagine having more explosive hits yet far fewer injuries. Your off-season training will benefit enormously as well.

Basketball - By wearing your PPM, you will have faster and stronger vertical leaps. The explosiveness you will uncover will give you an EDGE and carry you past your previous limits.

Obtaining Your PPM

Dr. Wendling is a fully trained neuromuscular dentist and certified to offer you a PPM. If you are a good candidate, she will take impressions of your lower and upper teeth and determine your best bite. Her dental laboratory will craft your PPM and in a second visit, Dr. Wendling will fit it for you and confirm that it is comfortable and effective in correcting your bite.

Why not give yourself an EDGE for achieving your physical potential? For more information and to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Wendling, please call or email our dental office today. We serve Portland, Lake Oswego and West Linn, Oregon.

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