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I often am asked for referrals to all sorts of businesses. So I thought I’d put my “picks” online. I have personal experience with most but not all the listed businesses and services. The others come highly recommended. The businesses with an asterisk next to them are the ones I personally use.

The references contained herein are provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement or warranty by Sue E Wendling DMD of any of the products and/or services provided by the organizations or individuals referenced in this website. The user of this site assumes all responsibility and risk for the use of these products and/or services. Under no circumstances shall Sue E. Wendling DMD be liable for any direct, indirect, special, or consequential damages or lost profits that result from the use or inability to use these products and/ or services.


Church Services
Health & Beauty
Legal Services
Pet Care
Food & Beverage/Restaurants
Retail & Shopping


Name: Sue Waters & Steven Cheek
Name of Business: Three Rivers Business Solutions, Inc.
Phone: (503)504-8508
Email: [email protected]


“If unbelievable Contemporary music appeals to you, this is your church.” – Sue
Name: South Lake Four Square Church
Phone: (503)638- 1555
Website: www.southlakechurch.com
Comments: Services are Saturday at 6pm, Sunday at 9am, 10:30am and noon.

“The generosity of the members of this church is hard to imagine. Their missionary work is far reaching.” – Sue
Name: Lake Grove Presbyterian
Phone: (503) 636-5656
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.lakegrovepres.org
Comments: Services are 8am, 9:30am and 11am on Sunday.

Health & Beauty

Acupuncturist & Herbalist
Our friend Karen Gordon recommends Gary.

Name: Dr. Gary Wagner, Acupuncturist and Herbalist
Name of Business:  Harmony Clinic
Phone:  503-722-5224
Website: www.harmonyclinics.com
“This guy has a real gift, but expect a long wait.” – Sue
Name: Dr. Anthony Illo *
Name of Business: Illo Chiropractic
Phone: (503)624- 7249
Comments: Precision Family Spinal Care
“Dr Dawson is one of the Chiropractors I have been seeing for years. His expertise is upper cervical Chiropractic. He is also an all around good guy that really cares about people.” – Sue
Name: Grant Dawson, DC
Name of Business: Dawson Chiropractic Clinic
Phone: (503)620-6480
Fax: (503)684-4598
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.dawsonchiropractic.com
“I haven’t seen Dr. Fletcher personally, but she has been a big help to several of my patients who have chronic pain, including TMJ pain.” - Sue

Name: Jennifer Fletcher DC, LAc, Dipl. NCCA
Name of Business: Skyline Integrative Medicine
Phone: 503-222-5005
Website: www.skylineintegrativemedicine.com
Comments:  Integrating the practices of chiropractic and acupuncture.
“Dr. Gross is what is called an upper cervical chiropractor.  She is a big help with our TMD patients.”

Name:  Cheryl Gross, D.C.
Name of Business: 
Phone:  503-223-3078
Website:  www.drcherylgross.com


 “I’ve not seen Dr. Kim personally, but like Dr. Fletcher, he’s been a tremendous help to several of my patients who suffer from chronic pain, including TMJ pain.” - Sue

Name:  Dr. John Kim
Name of Business: Natural Healing Center
Phone: 503-641-3444
Website: www.naturalhealingbeaverton.com
Comments:  Holistic Health Care for the entire family

Name: Jeff McNown, D.C.
Name of Business:  McNown Chiropractic Clinic
Phone:  503-557-1122
Website: mcnownclinic.com
One of Dr. Wendling’s friends sees Dr. Young and highly recommends him.

Name:  David S. Young, D.C.
Phone:  503-646-3511
Business Address: 12795 SW 3rd St., Beaverton, OR 97005
Cranial Osteopath
Name:  Duncan Soule, M.D.
Name of Business: Soule Health Care
Phone:  503-224-9010
Website: www.duncansoulemd.com/
Comments: Dr. Soule is a holistic physician who helps people achieve optimal health through osteopathy, homeopathy and integrative medicine approaches
Day Spa
Dr. Wendling is hooked on their pedicures!

Name of Business:  Rumi Simone Day Spa  *
Phone:  503-699-8899
Website: www.rumisimone.com

Day Spa
“Another great Day Spa”

Name of Business:  Coldwater Creek Day Spa *
Phone:  503-598-0524
Website: www.coldwatercreek.com

Day Spa

Voted best brazilian wax in Portland, as seen in the Portland Monthly Magazine.

Name of Business:  Lamuse Salon & Spa
Phone:  503-282-9226
Website: www.lamusesalon.net

Dermatology and Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures
“Dr. Klein does everything from skin cancer management, to acne treatment, to cosmetic dermatology like botox, fillers and tumescent liposuction. And, she does it all well.” –Sue
Name: Marla M. Klein M.D. *
Name of Business: Klein Dermatology & Associates
Phone: (503)445- 2200
Website: www.marlakleinmd.com
Comments: Cosmetic and General Dermatology. All ages welcome!

Ear, Nose and Throat Physician
Our patient Shelley Jacoberger is a recovery room nurse and thinks Dr. Shiley is the best.

Name: Samuel Shiley, M.D., ENT Otolaryngologist
Phone:  503-229-8455
Website: www.entportland.com

Ear, Nose and Throat Physician
Dr. Wendling and Dr. Esmer work together frequently with sleep apnea patients.

Name:  Ertan Esmer, M.D., ENT
Name of Business:  The Portland Clinic – Tigard Medical Office
Phone:  503-293-0161, ext. 4057 for appointments
Website: www.theportlandclinic.com/doctors/ertan-esmer-md

Facial and Skin Care
“She does an amazing facial for a very reasonable price.” 

Name:  Kristina Meisch, Esthetician *
Name of Business:  Dosha Salon Spa - NW
Phone:  503-228-8280
Website: www.dosha.org
Comments: Dosha Salon uses Aveda products

Facial and Skin Care
“All natural products and you’ll really see the difference.” – Sue
Name: Karen Akeson *
Name of Business: Extraordinary Facials
Phone: (503)445-8200

Our patient and friend Pam Antoni recommended these two locations for CrossFit

Name of Business:  CrossFit Lake Oswego
Phone:  503-799-1524
Website: www.crossfitlakeoswego.com
Comments:  Husband and wife coaching team

Name of Business:  CrossFit Pearl District
Phone: 503-929-3252
Website:  www.crossfitpd.com

This is Dr. Wendling’s stylist; “her cuts are so great that you can go a long time between appointments.” 

Name:  Cheryl Ebers *
Name of Business:  Paradigm Salon
Phone:  503-675-0353
Website: www.paradigm-salon.com
Comments: Great cuts & color.


“One of our patients, Susan Van Tobel, loves Louise, a hair stylist at The Difference.”

Name:  Louise
Name of Business: The Difference – Personal Style Consultants
Phone: 503-636-4261
Website: www.thedifferencepdx.com
Comments: Helping you define and refine your personal style


“Another one of our patients, Becky Connelly, is very pleased with Rachel at Picasso.”

Name:  Rachel Taylor
Name of Business:  Picasso Artistic Salon
Phone: 503-636-8758
Website: picassoartisticsalon.com
Comments: Becky says: “Rachel is really nice and listens to what you want”

Dr. Wendling has seen Steve personally.  He works with many issues, including teeth grinding.

Name:  Steve Frison, CMS-CHt  *
Name of Business:  Mindsight Medical & Clinical Hypnotherapy
Phone:  503-307-5936
Website:  www.mindsighthypno.com

Massage and Personal Training
Name:  Juniper Black
Name of Business: 22+Q
Phone:  503-753-6777
Email: [email protected]
Certified Personal trainer, licensed massage therapist, and health coach
15 years in the industry helping people achieve their goals.

Very hard to get an appointment, but she REALLY knows what she’s doing.” – Sue
Name: Suzanne Binnas
Phone: (503)380-5859

Med Spa
“Recommended by our friend and patient Pam Antoni"

Name of Business:  Pearl Med Spa
Phone:  503-946-3888
Website: www.pearlmedspa.com

Microcurrent Therapy

“Dr. Baird specializes in microcurrent therapy”
Name: Carol Baird, M.D. 
Name of Business: Living Enhancement Institute
Phone: 1-877-434-8021
Website: www.livingenhancementinstitute.com

“Dr. Heidi Peterson is a great help balancing hormones.” – Sue
Name: Heidi Peterson, N.D. *
Phone: (503)224- 2590
Fax: (503)224- 2592
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.drheidi.com
Comments: Dr. Peterson specializes in women’s health, hormonal, digestive and environmental issues.


One of our patients recommended Dr. Madda.

Name:  Robert Madda, N.D., L.Ac.,
Name of Business:  The Natural Path
Phone: 503-347-4625
Website: www.naturalpathmed.com

Dr. Wendling has seen Dr. Soule personally, and has referred many people to her. 
“A very great woman with a gift for acupuncture.” – Sue

Name:  Lori Horan Soule, N.D. , L.Ac *       
Name of Business:  Soule Health Care
Phone:  503-224-9010
Website: www.5elementmd.com
Comments:  Specializing in Five Element Acupuncture, medical nutrition and endocrine (hormone) balance.



Dr. Peterson is another Naturopath that Dr. Wendling sees; among other things he has a personal interest in providing supportive care during cancer treatments.

Name:  Noel Peterson, N.D.  *
Name of Business:  Center for Traditional Medicine, P.C.
Phone:  503-636-2734
Website: www.portlandwellnesscenter.net


“Dr. Abraham has a special interest in neurotransmitters.”

Name: Wendy Abraham, N.D.  *
Name of Business: Natural Pain Solutions
Phone:  503-684-9698
Website: www.naturalpainsolutionsportland.com

Permanent Makeup
“I have not been to this person, but she comes highly recommended.” – Sue
Name: Ellie Frost, MA, LPCT
Name of Business: Classic and Permanent Makeup
Phone: (971) 227- 4396
Website: www.classicpermanentmakeup.net
Comments: Cosmetic and paramedical tattooing

“I haven’t seen her personally, but she has been a tremendous help to several of my patients who have chronic pain, including TMJ patients.” - Sue

Name: Jennifer Fletcher DC, LAc, Dipl. NCCA
Name of Business: Skyline Integrative Medicine
Phone: 503-222-5005
Website: www.skylineintegrativemedicine.com
Comments:  Integrating the practices of chiropractic and acupuncture.

Physical Therapist
Name:  Carol Conrades, P.T. (specialist in TMD)
Name of Business:  Orthopedic & TMJ Physical Therapy Center
Phone:  503-777-6746
Website: www.hands-onhealthcare.com
Comments: She has helped a lot of Dr. Wendling’s patients

“Dr. Connall was the first doctor in Oregon to offer fat grafting for breast reconstruction.”

Name: Dr Timothy Connall
Name of Business: Connall Cosmetic Surgery
Phone: 503-783-0544
Website: www.drconnall.com

Plastic Surgery

“Dr. Wendling knows someone that had a tummy tuck by Dr. Bensimon and she is very happy with it.”

Name:  Richard Bensimon, MD, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Name of Business: The Bensimon Center for Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine
Phone: 503-222-0939
Website: www.drbensimon.com

Plastic Surgery
“Dr. Wendling knows someone that had a tummy tuck by Dr. Bensimon and she is very happy with it.”

Name:  Richard Bensimon, MD, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Name of Business: The Bensimon Center for Plastic for Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine
Phone: 503-222-0939
Website: www.drbensimon.com

Legal Services

“Elliott’s expertise is business law and real estate law”
Name: Elliott Dale
Business Name: Sherman Sherman Johnnie and Hoyt, LLP
Phone: 503-370-4308
Website: www.shermlaw.com/members/elliott-dale
Comments: Areas of practice: General Business Law, Real Estate Transactions, Contract drafting & review,  Banking Operations, Lending & creditor’s rights.

Name: Laura Kalur
Name of Business: Kalur Law
Phone: 503-726-5945
Website: www.kalurlaw.com
Comments: Specializing in Personal Injury, licensed to practice in all Oregon state and federal courts.

“Craig is a personal injury attorney who handled a case for me and did a great job. He is a no B.S. guy.” – Dr. Sue
Name: Craig Nichols*
Phone: (503)224- 3018

Pet Care

Holistic Veterinarian
“Dr. Judkins specializes in Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. He actually extended the life of my cat by two years, who was given a death sentence due to kidney failure by an allopathic vet.” – Sue
Name: Jeffery Judkins, DVM *
Name of Business: Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic
Phone: (503)233- 2332
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.hawthornevet.com

“She is a very good vet who is not afraid to consult other experts in difficult cases.” – Sue
Name: Dr. Chris Ortner
Name of Business: Cascade Summit Veterinary Hospital
Phone: (503) 684-1800

“I haven’t been there. But I have heard great things about them.” – Sue
Name: The Parkway Veterinary Hospital
Phone: (503)636-2102
Website: www.parkwayvet.com

Food & Beverage/Restaurants

“Kyra is one of our patient’s daughter-in-law.  Kyra & Crave Bake Shop competed in, and won, Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars” for the honor of catering the 100th episode of “The Closer” TV show.” 

Name:  Kyra Bussanich *
Name of Business:  Crave Bake Shop
Phone:  503-212-2979
Website: www.cravebakeshop.com
Comments:  Gluten free and fabulous!

The business is owned by Dr. Wendling’s son.  Kava is a relaxing ceremonial drink from the South Pacific; try it!

Name of Business:  Bula Kava Coffee House *
Phone:  503-477-7833
Website: www.bulakavahouse.com

“Who doesn’t love this restaurant?”

Name of Business:  Toro Bravo Restaurant*
Phone:  503-281-4464
Website: www.torobravopdx.com
Comments: The menu changes daily, based on seasonal variations, local farmers' produce, and the kitchen crew's inspiration


Name of Business:  The Secret Society
Phone:  503-493-3600
Website: www.secretsociety.net
Comments: The Secret Society is housed in a 1907 Victorian-era hall, and includes a cocktail lounge, ballroom, and recording studio. Upstairs from Toro Bravo

“Noho has been hosting our annual party for years. Our guests really look forward to his feast.” – Dr. Sue
Name: Noho Marchesi *
Name of Business: Noho's Hawaiian Cafe
Phone: (503)233- 5301
Website: www.nohos.com

“Best damn Mexican food in Portland.” – Dr. Sue
Name of Business: Ironhorse Restaurant
Phone: (503)232- 1826
Website: www.portlandironhorse.com


Name of Business:  Andina Restaurant
Phone:  503-228-9535
Website:  www.andinarestaurant.com
Comments: Peruvian Cuisine and Culture


The seafood risotto is fabulous!

Name of Business: Clarke’s Restaurant & Bar
Phone: 503-636-2667
Website: www.clarkesrestaurant.net


“Great happy hour!”

Name of Business: Five Spice Seafood & Wine Bar
Phone: 503-697-8889
Website: www.fivespicerestaurant.com


Another good happy hour in Lake Oswego.

Name of Business: Tucci Italian Restaurant
Phone: 503-697-3383
Website: www.tucci.biz

Retail & Shopping

“A little out of the way, but her pricing is very fair and she can get you whatever you want. Worth the drive!” – Sue
Name: Debbie Parker *
Name of Business: Runyan Jewelers
Phone: 360-834- 2992

Retail Gift Boutique
Name of Business: Lucky Me Boutique
Phone: 503-636-9595
Website: www.luckymeboutique.com
Comments: Gifts, Cards, Jewelry, Scarves, Baby gifts and more!

Retail Gift/Accessories

Name of Business: Accessories From The Heart
Phone: 503 675-1144
Website: www.accessoriesfromtheheart.com

Retail Clothing

“Locally owned.  Like Anthropology but half the price!”

Name of Business:  Mapel Clothing – Bridgeport Village
Phone:  503-670-1756
Website: www.shopmapel.com

Wine Shop

Our patient and friend Erin Smith says: “Good prices and unique wines from around the world.  Very nice and knowledgeable staff, and the Friday wine tastings are fun!”

Name of Business:  World Class Wines
Phone:  503-974-9841
Website: www.worldclasswinesoregon.com
Comments:  Offering regularly scheduled Friday wine tasting 4:30 – 8pm, 6 wines for $10. “ exceptional wines at exceptional prices”


Town Car Service
“I have used John’s services for years for myself and for our patients needing transportation. He is classy and dependable.” – Sue
Name: John Lewis *
Name of Business: My Driver
Phone: (503)916- 9497
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.mydriver.bz

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