Six Month Smiles®

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Six Month Smiles® are clear braces for adults that allow you to straighten your teeth in months without the embarrassment of metal braces. Call Portland dentist Dr. Wendling today at (503) 636-4069 to find out if these clear braces are the clear solution for you.

How Six Month Smiles Works

Six Month Smiles uses a system of clear braces that are barely visible to people you meet at work or in social situations. Like traditional metal braces, these braces apply gentle pressure to your teeth to move them into the correct position and straighten your smile. Unlike traditional braces, no one will notice you are wearing them.

These clear braces emphasize correcting the cosmetic flaws in your smile. They are not ideal for realigning your bite. If you need significant changes in your bite alignment, you may be a better candidate for other orthodontic alternatives. However, most adults are good candidates for Six Month Smiles treatment, which means you can enjoy your stunning smile in less time.

Is Six Month Smiles Right for You?

Dr. Wendling recommends Six Month Smiles treatment for adults (age 16 and older) who have crooked or gapped teeth but do not need bite alignment. You may benefit from the convenience of Six Month Smiles if you:

  • Are self-conscious about speaking or laughing in front of others.
  • Have spaces between your teeth.
  • Have teeth that are crowded or overlapping.
  • Are looking for an affordable orthodontic solution to correct minor cosmetic flaws.

Six Month Smiles is designed to fit your lifestyle. During your consultation with Dr. Wendling, she will ensure that it also fits with your smile goals and current dental health.

Are You Ready for Your Smile Transformation?

If you have been living with a flawed smile because you were afraid of the stigma or expense of braces, call Wendling Contemporary Dental Health today at (503) 636-4069 to schedule your initial consultation with experienced Portland dentist Dr. Sue Wendling. We welcome patients from Portland, Lake Oswego, West Linn, and the surrounding communities of Oregon. 

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