Teeth Whitening

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We offer professional tooth whitening as an at-home or an in-office procedure, and it is a highly popular cosmetic dentistry procedure.

It can be completed in a single office visit; or can be done gradually, with one of our professional, custom home teeth whitening systems.

If your teeth are too deeply stained for tooth whitening, or if they have other small defects as well as staining, two other good options are porcelain veneers and dental bonding.

At home teeth whitening treatments

With our home tooth bleaching treatments, you can enjoy all the benefits of a custom formulated professional tooth whitening treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Do Teeth Whitening Toothpastes Really Work?

During your initial visit, we will make a custom mold of your teeth from which we will create two dental trays (upper and lower) to fit your mouth. Your kit will contain several syringes of professional-strength whitening gel, instructions on how to proceed, and a strip of enamel shades to help in measuring your progress. The whitening gel contains a built-in desensitizer, so you need not be concerned about tooth-sensitivity.

Wear the trays for about an hour each day. You will be welcome to schedule a follow-up visit so Dr. Wendling can assess your progress and answer any questions. After about two weeks, your teeth will be enormously whiter, and your smile nicely rejuvenated.

In-office teeth whitening treatments

In-office, or chairside tooth whitening treatments offer the fastest, most effective professional tooth whitening option for busy people who want to get their smiles as bright as possible as quickly as possible.

We use the ZOOM! professional whitening system. In about an hour, plus a little time for preparation and follow-up, we can whiten your teeth dramatically. The whitening gel is activated by a light set at a special wavelength, which allows us to speed and maximize whitening safely and effectively.

After your treatment, we will give you a take-home kit which you can use to whiten your teeth even further at home, if that’s possible. Or you can use it for touch-up treatments later on.

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